This is a David Sylvian (samadhisound?) niche site - the best at what it does and nothing more. Intended to compliment and, it focuses on the unofficial aspects of Sylvian related music... much to his dismay I would imagine.

The Ink in the Well

Nothing is Happening Everywhere

On 2012-03-19 when I'm usually waking up, under Recordings

Originally spotted on the forum, David is guesting on L A N D’s upcoming album “Night Within”. As usual, here’s my take on the lyrics.

Where’s Your Gravity?

On 2012-02-07 when normal people go to work, under Recordings

My take on the full songs lyrics, 30 second sample up on

Many Names Lyrics

On 2012-01-08 when I'm usually waking up, under Recordings

There’s an extra stanza not transcribed on the bandcamp page ~3:50 in the song. It’s a hard to make out many of the words being sung, but my take on the lyrics is here.

From Thomas himself: “The song ends with sun “sets” for sure. But before that your guess is as good as mine. The intensive section just wouldn’t allow for any left-brain activity, so I guess you could call it glossolalia, intuitive singing or whatever.”

Died in the Wool Lyrics (preview clips)

On 2011-04-24 during the witching hours, under Recordings

My unofficial (e.g. may be wrong) lyric transcriptions of the preview clips for new songs on Died in the Wool are up on the Selected Lyrics page. Looking forward to hearing the complete album!

Five Lines Lyrics

On 2010-09-08 when I'm usually waking up, under Recordings

Only six lines of lyrics, but here’s my take on them. You can listen to the sample (along with the other tracks – how many remastering changes can you find?) at the official Sleepwalkers mini-site or just download the 30 second clip directly.

update: I’ve done a rough transcription of the entire song.

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