This is a David Sylvian (samadhisound?) niche site - the best at what it does and nothing more. Intended to compliment and, it focuses on the unofficial aspects of Sylvian related music... much to his dismay I would imagine.

The Ink in the Well

Snow White in Appalachia in full

On 2009-08-18 during the witching hours, under Recordings

Thanks to someone pointing out that Snow White in Appalachia is streaming in full on the samadhisound shop pages for Manafon, I was able to dig up a direct 192kbps mp3 rip of the song from the source of the flash player. My take on the lyrics.

Small Metal Gods in full + Manafon Samples

On 2009-08-13 in the lazy afternoon, under Recordings

Information on Sylvian’s feature in the latest issue of Wire is up on – including a streaming music video for Small Metal Gods, described as the most accessible track on Manafon. Here’s my take on the lyrics. MP3 samples from the album Manafon are now up at the relaunched site – you can find quick transcriptions of what’s up there under “manafon” on the selected lyrics by release page of this site.

Perhaps less useful in audio form than video, but I also have an mp3 of the trailer for Amplified Gesture.

Jacqueline (new unreleased track)

On 2009-07-13 during his lunch break, under Recordings

Thanks to a heads up from Gerrit I found a copy of the 2009 Believers music issue at a newstand. You can download a one minute mp3 sample of the song – a quick transcription of the lyrics (as heard by me) are up. More info about the song at it’s entry.

PS – I tried loading the CD into OS X a few times and my machine spit it back out at me… I loaded up a Windows VM and it read the CD fine. What’s odd is after disconnecting the disc drive from my VM OS X read the disc fine. Not sure if that’s of any help to people, but that’s what worked for me. is reborn - alpha version

On 2009-04-22 when he should have been sleeping, under Site

The new redesign started with the little download page for my Paris recording… it’s nowhere near complete, but there’s enough static mockup that I thought about tossing the old “I Surrender” and “Orpheus” sections in and releasing what is here.

For now it’s optimized for the latest (beta) versions of firefox and safari – anything else is unsupported at this point but there shouldn’t be major issues as long as you’re using something recent. I’m using this to learn a new content management system (expression engine) as well as play around behaviour, so expect things to change and occasionally not work.

Here is Somewhere

On 2004-08-27 in the lazy afternoon, under Recordings

A high quality version of Somewhere from the TIAA-CREF Commercial that Sylvian sang for is now online. The lineage is Tivo > VHS (TDK HS Preimium Quality, SP) > Toshiba W512 VCR (4-Head Hi-Fi) > Composite RCA Out > Sound Blaster Live! Platinum > Adobe Audition 1.5 > APE (High Compression) & MP3 (Fraunhoffer IIS 70% VBR).

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