Fan Transcriptions

Most of these tabs have been collected from the now defunct Unofficial Blue Nile Website. At some point I should make a link to a downloadable version.

Guitar Tablature for Laughter and Forgetting

David Sylvian -  Laughter and Forgetting 


C#m      -x46654
C#m/B    -7x6454
Amaij7   -5x667x
Gmaij9   -300002
A        -x02220
C#m7     -x46454
Cmaij7   -x35453
Bm7      -7x7777
Dmaij7   -x57675
Cmaij7/G -3x545x
F#m7     -2x222x
G#m7     -4x444x
D/G      -3xx232
Cmaij9/G -3xx000
E        -022100
Amaij9   -x02424

@ Laughter And Forgetting
C#m	                                         C#m/B
Running like a horse between the trees 
The ground beneath my feet 
Gives me something to hold on to
 A           C#m7            Gmaj9
    With the reins around my heart
Cmaj7     Bm7        Amaj7       C#m7      Dmaj7       Gmaj7
Guided by hands that spread life before my very eyes 
C#m7					  Cmaj7/G
Well every hope falls down on it's knees in time 
But I'm no longer lost 
A     F#m7        C#m7        G#m7        Cmaj7/G    D/G
Every day, every second, every hour inside
Love's my only guide
G#m7          F#m7   E      C#m7    Bm7    Amaj9
Are these the years   for laughter and forgetting?

 (solo section: repeat form)