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Most of these tabs have been collected from the now defunct Unofficial Blue Nile Website. At some point I should make a link to a downloadable version.

Guitar Tablature for Gone to Earth

Gone to Earth - David Sylvian


E7	020100
C7	x32310
Emaj7	021100
Am	002210
Dm	xx0231 or x57765
C	x32010 or x35553
Gm	310033 or 355333
Dadd9	xx0230 or x57755
Dsus4	xx0233 or x57775
D	xx0232 or x57765

@ Gone to Earth

With a burning candle

A book of holy things

They'll throw you up against the wall

Bind your hands with string

Caught in the sudden shower

Our host of heavenly Kings

C7                            Am
They're all victims of circumstance

                            Dm (poss Dadd9)
Of ancient bells that bring

                          C              Gm
All the fear in the world, naked and shy

Down upon our heads, with no reason why

(The soul goes beyond being, enter this divine world)

---------------   X4

And though voices may holler

For all they're worth

The rabbits have fled their burrows

Dsus4   D
Gone to earth

Transcribed 28/4/98 by Peter Thompson
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