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Most of these tabs have been collected from the now defunct Unofficial Blue Nile Website. At some point I should make a link to a downloadable version.

Guitar Tablature for Endgame

Endgame - David Sylvian

    A         G         F#m       D         E         A7
    xo   o     xooo               xxo       o   oo    xo
    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||    |||0||    ||||||
    ||000|    ||||||    0||000    |||0|0    |00|||    ||000|
    ||||||    0||||0    ||||||    ||||0|    ||||||    |||||0
    ||||||    ||||||    |00|||    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||
    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||    ||||||
      123     2    3    134111       132     231        1234


A    |  A    |  A    |  A    |

 I just sank into sleep
     A                        G      F#m
 The conversation wasn't worth repeating
 Faith would start the morning off
    A                                     G    F#m
 By judging love, she had finally found me wanting
D                              A               E
 She said that I was born with one foot in the door
  D                             A                   G
 "Displays of affection but you don't know what it's for"
     E                  D
 And Jesus said, "Don't worry, son
        A                 G   A          |  A    |
 That's just the sound of God laughing"

 Her room was quite a mess
     A                          G        F#m
 The court said I had no defense against her
 Her bags were packed, the doors are closing
     A                             G    F#m
 The three-day truce of hostilities was over
D                             A               E
 I thought I'd notice when my tail was in the fire
       D                                A              G
 She'd dress the wounds with vitriol to keep the burns alive
     E                   D
 And Jesus said, "If you listen good,
        A                 G   A          |  A    |  A    |  A    | 
 You'll hear the sound of God laughing"

 Last chances is in the car
     A                              G    F#m
 The fine white lines are leading to the station
 I'll start the journey off
 A                               G    F#m
 Defining love with a thousand explanations
D                                  A                 E
 Rows of telegraph poles where the railway meets the sea
 D                             A          G
 Counting crucifixions on this road to Calvary
         E                     D
 And the DJ said, "You've been listening to
     A                  G   A          |  A    |
 The wonderful sound of God laughing"
     E                       D
 And Jesus said, "Well, it's over once
        A                  G       A          |  A    |  A7    ||
 You've heard the sound of God____ laughing"

Transcribed by Andrew
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