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Most of these tabs have been collected from the now defunct Unofficial Blue Nile Website. At some point I should make a link to a downloadable version.

Guitar Tablature for Before the Bullfight

Before the Bullfight - David Sylvian

022000	Em
200232	D
3x4432	Gmaij7
032010	C
034030	Cadd9#11 or  032032
x24432	Bm
244222	F#m
002210	Am
032000	Cmaj7
x00231	Dm
113231	Bbmaj7
030000  Cmaij9/E
446654	C#m
002220	A
466444	G#m
x33210	Fmaj7

@ Before the Bullfight

Intro:  lots of bars of Em

-verse 1-

D G  C			   Cadd9#11
I hear your voice way down inside

	     Bm		     Gmaij7    Em
A whispering sea of towering trees but no reply

  D G   C		      Cadd9#11
A silence so rare - more than I can stand

	      Bm			 G
Sweeps like a flood through life's flesh and blood

     Fmaj7		  Em
Then steals away with its heart

-verse 2-

       D G  C					 Cadd9#11
If I'm losing you then there's nothing more that I can say

		Bm	     Gmaij7	   Em	
The fighting is on and battles are won and thrown away

    D  G      C		     Cadd9#11
But if I could live safe and sound

	     Bm			 G
In God-given fields and mountains of steel

     Fmaj7			Em
Then here I'll stay till you're gone


F#m	  Am       Em              Cmaj7
Guilty of stealing every thought I own

D      Dm	    Am   Bbmaj7         Cmaij9/E
I will take my turn   to fight the bullfight

      Am	     Em
Every word's sunk in deep

	 Fmaj7			     C
Like the blades of a knife through my heart

D	   Dm	       Am
My strength will return

   Bmaj7     Em
To fight the bullfight

-Em to solo-

C#m | C#m | A | A | G#m | G#m | F#m | Fmaj7 |
C#m | C#m | A | F#m | G#m | G#m | F#m | Fmaj7 |

-verse 3-

   D      G   C
As time's come to show

I'm told nothing more than I should know

	      Bm                    Gmaij7    Em
A ship on the sea that threatens to leave but never goes

     D G      C           Cadd9#11
This island of blue where life

	       Bm                   Gmaij7
Clings to your hands like water and sand

     Fmaj7                    Em
Will lose its way when you're gone


F#m           Am          Em               Cmaj7
When all's forgiven still every fault's my own

D     Dm            Am   Bbmaj7     Cmaij9/E
I will take my turn   to fight the bullfight

      Am              Em
Say a prayer for my release

	   Fmaj7                 C
When every hope in the world is asleep

D          Dm           Am   Fmaj7     C        
My strength will return   to fight the bullfight

Em to end

Guitar solo

-intro- Em



F#m             F


A			F#m


F#m         F


Transcribed by Peter Thompson
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
With minimal meddling by Mike Garoghan
Amended by Emanuele - .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)