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Truth Only Smiles

Track #02 - Twice Born Men // By: Tim Elsenburg

Out here amongst the spit and hiss
Of dreams all black and pistol whipped
They crawl towards the morning with a sigh

With easy grace and needy hands
They murdered love’s sweet circumstance
And calmly fashioned flawless alibis

Tell me we’re leaving all this far behind us
Tell me the lights still flicker when we kiss
No doubts or denials
No truth, only smiles

On his eyes the pennies hide
The bruises of a sleepless night
As light comes crashing in from high above
He tries to speak of pain and loss
But on his lips her finger falls
When putting things in order ain’t enough

…to greet me when I get home
Darkness pricks me
Something’s wrong
Please say something
Take me away

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