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The vast majority of Sylvian lyrics can be found at and slowfire. I'll generally only transcribe newly released songs that aren't up elsewhere (or ones that contain interesting background samples or vocals) and live versions of unreleased songs.

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There Will It End

Track #08 - Twice Born Men // By: Tim Elsenburg

And the planets move as I touch your back
The stars go out as I tip my hat
Will I kiss those hands as we fade to black
So say us – there will it end

And we’ll fill our ship with the days & years
Our own funeral pyre on a sea of tears
And we’ll watch that light til it disappears
So say us – there will it end

And the trees will grow where we used to lie
And our children’s names will be washed away
But the sky looks down on another day
So say us – there will it end

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