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The vast majority of Sylvian lyrics can be found at and slowfire. I'll generally only transcribe newly released songs that aren't up elsewhere (or ones that contain interesting background samples or vocals) and live versions of unreleased songs.

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Pieces Cancelled

Track #02 - 4 Remixes from Slope // By: Steve Jansen & Anja Garbarek

I’m just a single unit, no stereo
No different though the mix has changed

I have cancelled all the pieces
That were meant to make me whole

Now there’s no room to turn around

He wanted hands that could do the job with some finesse
Thickly covered in frost
I juggle the wolves and keep out of sight
I don’t want to spoil their dreams (spoil their dreams)
And I won’t call their names when I leave

I used to be, so beautifully printed
A rich enough text on every page

But I cancelled all the pieces
That were meant to make me-
But I cancelled all the pieces

Same lyrics as the album version, though the vocals are treated differently.

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