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In the Water I am Beautiful

Track #04 - We Just Did What Happened And No One Came // By: Tim Elsenburg

The eyes of crows will snag my clothes
My seams to pick and snip
And bruises creep like smoke beneath
My wrinkled fingertips
When I cry my tears leave oily rainbows in the snow

But in the water I am beautiful

Them’s the breaks, the daily ache
So vague and ill-defined
And hearts will stop like broken clocks
As promises unwind
I feel like a souvenir, too tacky to be cool

But in the water I am beautiful

The cathode flash of all that trash
Lights me up like a star
And little kicks for little pricks
Are lined up on the bar
One more little push and I’ll surrender to the pull

But in the water I am beautiful

Water in my mouth – Words get pretty hard to swallow
Cold sets in my bones
Water in my ears – Words are pretty hard to follow
I’m old enough to feel like I’m alive

In the water I am beautiful

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