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For Now

Track #08 - The Opiates // By: Thomas Feiner

Getting close by going far away
Going far by staying here
To the kind of place
Where loneliness is traveling the best
Leaving ill and well alone
If all fails, all fails
Let the clock strike upon this resting hour

For now
For now
Leaving point despair
Leaving point hope

Getting lost to find a way back home
Getting back by letting go
Make another thought fall
In the flow of things
And death is just a breath away
But so is life
Saying this, but knowing not
Which scares the most

For now
For now
Leaving point despair
And leaving point hope

Whatever worry
Running through the veins
When you go, you go
Whatever worry
Races through the air
When you’re there
You’re there

Getting close
Abandoning point hope
Leaving point despair
Looking up from the rush of things
In the point of life
That is now
A point of life
For now

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