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Bloodless Coup

Track #03 - Twice Born Men // By: Tim Elsenburg

He wipes clean slates
The tearful diplomat who negotiates
The end of all beginnings
Hapless and humble now
He stumbles from a building putting fires out
And runs and runs away

What’s to overthrow
When everything you know’s corrupted
No matter what you do

You’re never going to make it right
You’re never going to feel alive
‘Til you’re defeated and broken
You’re never going to make it up
It’s never going to be enough
To turn it all round
We fall down again

Take heart and lose face
It’s easier to breathe when the declaration’s made
And flags are lowered
It burns like paper boats
He swallows every promise like an antidote
‘Til lips are numb with hope

And who’s to overthrow
When power makes us so indifferent
No matter what you do

How’s it going to feel when the doors give way
What you going to see when the light can’t find you
What you going to do when the pennies drop
When you look up and it’s all behind you

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