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Track #01 - We Just Did What Happened And No One Came // By: Tim Elsenburg

Time and space deliver us
From all that we could be
Leave rabbits sleeping in their hats for all eternity

Sometimes I catch a flicker
And I think you see it too
Sometimes I see a dead man with his dying left to do

Slowly this unravels to a quiet compromise
Prayers sent out like dirty jokes
Come back as alibis
And I’m cold and I’m alone
But it feels good to be alive
Under the water

Something grows untended
In a corner of my heart
And it feels like a beginning but I don’t know where to start

Let fingers be a tribute
The moment a denial
As lips become the colour of the bluest summer skies

So let this man be an island
And get swallowed by the waves
Cause it’s harder to be lost
When it’s so easy to be saved
Oh time and space deliver us
From promises we’ve made
Under the water

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